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A question I always asked myself is.. “Why should I travel here?” And it’s a question many people wonder while deciding to travel. That was my mission. To share content about why it matters to responsibly and enjoyably travel and explore the beauty of Planet Earth. 


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We provide a great selection of different destinations from all over the world!

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Our blog provides the best spots to visit in different places!

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Our travel tips can provide some handy information – for the ups and downs of travel!

Our Projects

what’s in store for you!

Over the past few months, we have started some amazing new projects to connect with our global travel community. 

MapHelps & MapLearns

MapHelps is a service where interested in their dream vacations can contact us for travel inquiries and itinerary building. 

MapLearns is an opportunity for experienced travellers to send us any travel experiences and photos or answer any travel questions!

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Explore the wonders of the world – together! Use our resources to help you plan a girl’s trip, family vacation, honeymoon and more!

If you are a solo traveller, we have info for you too! Solo Travel is a way for you to meet other travellers, conect with communities and explore nature!

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