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Top 7 Things To See In New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans. One of the most diverse cities in the United States, with a very long history which reflects greatly in the culture and the attractions of this city. In this article you can some of the many wonderful spots in the city.

  1. New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival 

This festival, which takes place in late April and early May, lights up the city with beautiful music and bright, colorful dances. There are also lots of parades, performances, delicious food and handmade crafts. It is a great place to spot some famous and local artists, listen to beautiful music and look for new adventures!   

2.   French Quarter 

The French Quarter was founded in 1718, when the city was built around the Vieux Carré. The buildings reflect many different eras in the city’s history from the French, Spanish, and American state. Today, the center reflects history as a national monument and is a notable attraction. You can visit local libraries, shops, restaurants or have a conversation. 

3.  St. Louis Cathedral 

St. Louis Cathedral is one of the most recognizable buildings in the French Quarter. After being built in 1727, dedicated to King Louis IX, the cathedral was finally rebuilt in 1850 after a fire destroyed the building in 1794. Today, you can’t visit the city without at least catching a glimpse of the stunning design. 

4.  New Orleans Park 

With over 1300 acres, this park has been visited by millions since it opened in 1854. While there are many restaurants, festivals and events to be found here, it’s important not to overlook the beautiful botanical gardens and large oak trees. You can also find the Cafe du Monde here, which has been serving beignets and coffee, 24/7 for over 150 years!

5. French Street (Rue de Français)
French Street is located in the 7th division of the city and is known for its amazing live music. While there are some similarities to other parts of New Orleans, Frenchmen Street is a cozier, more quiet area with less traffic, allowing for more authentic experiences. However, this street is definitely not quiet with many nightlife experiences.

6.  Jackson Square 

Jackson Square  has remained one of the most picturesque downtown areas in the United States. It became famous for the signing of the Louisiana Purchase in 1803. Today it has become a place of beautiful scenery, but also a place of unique art, from visuals to dance to music! 

7. Audubon Zoo

Audubon Zoo, which was opened in 1884, contains nearly 60 acres of unique experiences with many different animals, from tigers to elephants to Komodo dragons! There are also many unique interactive exhibits, which helps the attraction become very kid-friendly.  

Overall, New Orleans is definitely a place to check out and you will never be bored or disappointed when travelling! 

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