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A Day In Edinburgh, Scotland

Ah yes.. Edinburgh! The city of beautiful castles and the one that looks even more stunning when it rains. This is a personal favourite city of mine to visit and therefore today I thought it’d be fitting to recommend some fascinating spots to see in Edinburgh, Scotland! 

Edinburgh Castle

Over 2 million people (2019) have visited this stunning castle located in the heart of Edinburgh. While located on a steep Castle Rock (and requires some strong walking skills), the view and the history is absolutely worth it! There are many opportunities to witness historical re-enactments or to just view the ins and outs of the stunning architecture! Be warned though, that this is the most visited attraction in all of Scotland, and over 70% of tourists to the city will check this castle out – so be prepared to wait a while!

National Museum Of Scotland

Opened in 1866, the National Museum of Scotland is one of the most interesting museums in the country. It is home to many Scottish artifacts, as well as many cultural and historical exhibits, making it a perfect way to explore Scotland for families and museum-goers. You can also find many other exhibits including Ancient Egypt, a Jean Muir collection, and the many wonderful suits of Sir Elton John. 

Edinburgh Old Town

If you want to experience a Medieval style city with historic architecture, charming shops and places to eat and an overall feel of a past meets present? Well, Edinburgh is for sure the best city to experience this. This UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for its archaeology and street structures contains many important buildings, from the Scottish Parliament to the Old College. You should definitely travel on a guided tour, to learn more about significant historic events, which will only enhance your experience! 

Palace of Holyroodhouse

Holyrood Palace, the official residence of the British monarchy, is well known for its architectural beauty. Even though the Queen and other members of the monarchy live temporarily in the palace, it is open for tours (aside from those times). It is great to see this unique palace which hosts the most dramatic of Scottish reality (as it was the home to Mary, Queen of Scots.) Tours are available with the costs of a ticket!

Camera Obscura

Lastly, be sure to visit Camera Obscura, a world of illusions located near the Edinburgh Castle and the Royal Mile! This attraction is home to the original camera obscura, and numerous optical and sound illusions! Definitely a great place to visit with families or for a date night! 

That’s a day in Edinburgh, a beautiful capital! Let us know what city you want to see next!

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