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A Place A Day: Recapped

After writing over 20 A Place A Day articles, here are some of the most popular:

1. Jaipur, Rajasthan, India 

Welcome to the city of pink,  Jaipur. There are over 3 million residents in this pretty city of beautiful temples, monuments, museums and just ordinary buildings. Start at the Amber Palace, a city fort built in the 1500s with a shining coat of gold. Visit the Hawa Mahal, the most popular pink building in the city. It is made of pink and red sandstone and is known as the “Palace of The Winds”. Move to the City Palace of Jaipur, a palace built in the 1700’s and is know a museum showing local history. For some scientific attractions, visit the Jantar Mantar, a set of beautiful scientific instruments for astronomical observation. Other historic buildings in the city include the Jal Mahal, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, and the Albert Hall Museum.  Jaipur is a city of some of the most colourful buildings and interesting history. 

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2. Palau

One of the smallest and least visited countries in the world, Palau is a beach lovers paradise and if you enjoy the silence of an island except for nature, this is the perfect place for you! With only around 20,000 residents, there aren’t really any major cities or towns, but this is even makes the national spirit stronger. The locals are very friendly people and love their country. As I mentioned earlier, Palau’s nature is astounding, with many underwater treasures to be found, such as Jellyfish Lake (it is exactly as it sounds), diving to see nature and some war artifacts, or activities like swimming in the waterfalls (such as Ngardmau Waterfall or Ngatpang Waterfall) or sea kayaking for some on the water activities. If you don’t love the water, that’s ok! There are other natural activities such as camping or flying on the islands, as well as off-road driving. You can even visit museums such as the Eptison Museum or the Belau National Museum and Bai to learn about Palauan culture and history. You can even pick up a local wood carving from a jail inmate to take home! Palau is a country so untouched it is amazing! However, we should be aware that due to climate change Palau is at risk to sink due to rising sea levels, so check out Palau while you can as this is a gem in the sea!

Rich in biodiversity, Palau looks to protect its most precious resource

3. Tokyo, Japan 

Welcome to Tokyo, (東京都) the largest city in not only Japan, but in the entire world. A city notable for its safety, peace and kindness, Tokyo is one of the most recognized cities for tourism and many industries. Tokyo is also known for their gorgeous cherry blossom trees. You can see them at Ueno Park, the most popular park in the city. Aside from these trees, you can spot many cultural attractions like museums, orchestra halls, restaurants, and zoos. It is the perfect family friendly activity. Tokyo is also home to delicious food like sushi, udon, tempura, yakitori, ramen and miso. You can try them at many of Tokyo’s tasty restaurants and small shops. Head over towards the Tokyo Skytree and Tokyo Tower, large towers with beautiful observation decks. From here, you can look at the one of the nicest city skylines in the world. Visit the Sensō- Ji, a temple honouring the goddess of mercy. A colourful and beautiful building with a unique style of architecture. Meiji Jingu is another important religious building in Tokyo, a Shinto shrine with beautiful gardens. For some history, visit the Imperial Palace, where the current Japanese emperor lives. You can take tours of the palace for some astounding historical views. Ever wonder what the large cross way in Tokyo is? That is the Shibuya Crossing, a world famous crosswalk that is well known for its view of the surrounding high rise aesthetic architecture. Japan is also known for its onsens and bathhouses, and Tokyo is home to many popular ones such as LaQua and Odaiba Ōedo-Onsen Monogatari. These bathhouses are meant to be a relaxing experience and some can even be found in hotels. No visit to Tokyo can be completed without some entertainment! Tokyo is home to many bars and jazz clubs as well as wood built izakaya taverns. You can local whiskeys and alcohols that are otherwise hard to find. There is also a lot of trendy cafes and cute manga culture centres throughout Tokyo, where all your anime dreams will be fulfilled. The Kawaii Monster Cafe, Pokemon Cafe, Studio Ghibli Museum and Animate Akihabara are all trendy spots to visit! I would love to add more information because Tokyo is phenomenal!

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4. Casablanca, Morocco  

Arguably one of the most notable cities in the world due to the hit 1942 film Casablanca, the city of Casablanca is a city full of art, culture and delicious food! Start at the Hassan II Mosque, a stunning mosque with a beautiful minaret. It is one of the most beautiful mosques in the world, considering it is also the largest functioning mosque in Africa, with a capacity of a small city (100,000). You can also see the Cathédrale Sacré Coeur a historic cathedral near the city’s center. For some afternoon sunshine, visit parks like Arab League Park (A world class park with social spots and green spaces), or Muhammad V Square (a beautiful city square). There is also some nice history in Casablanca, with historic buildings like Mahkama du Pacha, the Royal Palace and Sidi Abderrahman Islet to see in Casablanca. There are also nice museums like the Abderrahman Slaoui Museum and the Villa des Arts. We can’t forget the cuisine and nightlife, as Casablanca is one of the most renowned cities for this. There is even a café called Ricks Cafe based on the Casablanca film! Also visit the Brooklyn Bar, La Bodéga, and Central Market to immerse yourself in Moroccan nightlife and try foods like couscous, chicken bastilla, tagine, or kefta! Also shop for artifacts, or handmade soaps and argan oils! Casablanca is a city of history, nature and nightlife, a city with something for everyone! 

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5. Malta 

Welcome to Malta. A beautiful beach paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Malta not only has amazing culture but also some of the clearest waters on planet Earth. Start at Comino, an islet and lagoon perfect for a hike or to relax! You can also take some beautiful pictures here as it a generally calm area with not so many tourists. Next, visit St John’s Co-Cathedral, one of the most gorgeous cathedrals in Europe. Opened in 1577, it is dedicated to St John The Baptist and made of limestone! For some unique stone and rock formations visit the Azure Window (A formation of an arch in the ocean), the Blue Grotto (Caverns in coastal backdrop), or the Ġgantija Temples (Neolithic temples made from stone). Maltese history is also interesting and that is proved through certain buildings like the Grandmaster Palace Courtyard, the Ħal Saflieni Hypogeum or the Ħaġar Qim, for a look into a unique European history. End your visit on a tour of the Grand Harbour, a famous port where you can venture into the vast Mediterranean Sea. As you leave, take a look at the balconies of the buildings in Valletta, some of the most unique in the world. Malta is a beautiful paradise to visit and one to put on your bucket list!

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Enjoy your journey!

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