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Five Countries To Visit During Autumn Season!

Autumn is my personal favourite season. Pumpkin spice, autumn leaves and Halloween combine to create a lot of fun and beauty! Today, you have the chance to explore 5 countries known for their beauty during the autumn season. 

1. Canada

Canada is a country of vast, beautiful landscapes that stretch over 9,000,000 kilometres! So it is expected that the second largest country would have some beautiful autumn landscapes. That would be an underrated statement. Wherever you are in Canada (even Northern Canada) you can witness a moment of autumn. From the stunning Agawa Canyons near Sault St. Marie, to the Rocky Mountains in British Columbia. For some breathtaking views of autumn in Canada, head on over to Algonquin Park in Ontario, near the city of Toronto.  

2. Japan

On the other side of the world, Japan is the key for beautiful plants and nature! Known mainly for cherry blossoms in the spring, once autumn rolls around, the scenery remains just as beautiful. Japan shares a similar climate for many of the countries on this list, so it has ideal chilly weather perfect for the cozy autumn feeling. There is a phenomenon by the name of momijigari (finding red leaves) which helps encourage the spirit and joy associated with the season. Realistically, anywhere in Japan is ideal to see the foliage, however make sure to visit Daisetsuzan in Hokkaido, a staple for viewing autumn landscapes. 

3. Switzerland

Moving on to Europe, Switzerland has some amazing autumn attractions for a smaller nation! A main reason why fall feels so alive is the fact that the season is integrated into the cities, as there many festivals and things to do relating to autumn. However, many people do not know of the amazing landscapes of Switzerland, especially the mountains! Hiking is a very wonderful thing to participate in, as these mountains become an idea looking point, before the frost of winter! To check out more of Switzerland’s autumn, visit places such as Schilthorn and Valposchiavo, for a great view of the whole nation! 

4. USA

USA, like Canada have many similar landscapes, and therefore are a key destination for autumn-based travel. A main region of the United States known for amazing autumn landscapes, is New England. These states, often known to have thousands rush to see the leaves change, have some amazing scenery combined with the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean. This also makes this region ideal for hiking and exploring the woods (Connecticut, Vermont & New Hampshire are my personal favourites!) A great area to visit in the US to view this scenery is Acadia National Park in Maine. However, do not forget about the rest of the US, as there as some equally notable fall landscapes on the west coast, such in states like California, Oregon and Colorado. 

5. France

France has beauty in all four of the season, with mild springs, semi-cold winters, warm summers, and cool autumns. The best of all four worlds. Northern France, while known to have some tremendously beautifully dark red leaf landscapes, a new perspective can be found in Southern France – where the orange-yellow autumn landscapes take flight. The sun shines bright more in the southern region and because the Mediterranean is nearby, you get the best of both worlds. A great place to check out is Loire Valley & Vineyard where the hills turn to a breathtaking shade of gold. 

Through this article, I hope you can learn more about the best spots to see the leaves change and the subtle yet comforting cool air!

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