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Best Cities For Romance

When we travel, we travel for many different reasons. Whether it is for personal, for exploration,  for historical understanding, or for romance, in this article you’ll hear about 3 of the world’s most romantic cities filled with different activities for falling in love, for taking a honeymoon trip or even getting married! 

Paris, France

Love… Paris is a city known for the wonderful attractions found throughout its many streets from museums, to art galleries, to cute restaurants to parks filled with blooming flowers, you will love all of it! Some of the many highlights of Paris include visiting the Wall of Love (Le Mur Des Je t’aime) which is in the Jehan Rictus Garden Square, it is a miracle that shows many translations of the word “I love you” and it is a great art piece, as well as an inspiration to show that we are all connected under this one phrase. Another highlight of Paris is the sunset cruises on the Seine. The Seine is one of the most beloved rivers in all of Europe and taking a river cruise just brings out more of its beauty. While you are on the cruise you can notice some of the city’s most wonderful attractions. Some more attractions in Paris include wine tasting, visiting the Palace of Versailles, visiting one of Paris’s many museums and art galleries, watching a classic film at Le Champo, having a picnic at the line on Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, and of course visiting the Eiffel Tower, the classic attraction of Paris! 

Marrakesh, Morocco

As the site of some of the world’s most favourite love movies, Marrakech is one of the world’s most romantic cities. Along with the cuisine and entertainment at the amazing night markets, where you can find some of the most delicious food in all of Africa, and some of the most talented street performers, Marrakech also has a lot more to offer! Visiting the traditional souks is amazing to find unique and wonderful gifts to share as well as to have a fun day experience. For an amazing historical romantic experience you could visit the ruins of the Badi Palace where you could see what one of the greatest palaces in all of Marrakesh looked like. It is not only an amazing historical attraction but it’s also a very good romantic day trip to fantasize over how ancient royalty was like in Morocco. Marrakech is also known 4 they’re spas and hotels; however if you want a very traditional romantic experience you should stay in a riad. They are buildings which have been renovated into living spaces with historical artwork, beautiful courtyards, tiles and lots of open space. You can also visit some of Morocco’s famous spas in Marrakech where you can relax and enjoy many different types of massages and spa treatments. Other things to do in Marrakech include walking through the Majorelle and the Menara Gardens and taking different tours throughout the city’s many different other attractions.

Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, jam-packed with beautiful nature, stunning views, delicious cuisine, inspiring culture, interesting history and much more! Start with a trip to Miradouro de Graça, a lookout spot where you can view all over this beautiful city. You can spot many famous attractions, as well as the cool ocean breeze! Then for more amazing views of the river from the lookout, head along a trail to the Tagus River, where you can spot not only beautiful murals and stone designs, but also mom and pop shops along the streets. These cute shops can be found all over the city and you can find amazing gifts and delicious food here! The historical district of Lisbon is an excellent place for adventure, as there are many amazing historical Portuguese buildings located here, ranging from churches to museums to the world’s oldest library! Be sure to taste the delicious Portuguese cuisines, and enjoy a coffee and pastel de natas in a cafe overlooking the river for a cute mini date! Enjoy your night with a glass of wine while watching a gorgeous fado performance, Portugal’s unique style of music, especially common in Lisbon’s Alfama district! Lisbon is home to so much adventure and is waiting for your next romantic adventure!

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