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A ‘Eurovision’ Cultural Tour of Europe

Map The Traveller calling! It’s almost Eurovision time, and today we’d like to take you on a tour of some famous Eurovision hosting cities, from old to new. Eurovision has, and is recognized as a community-based celebration of music and identity – so we hope that while you can learn more about some hosting cities, you also get to learn about the history of this global phenomenon contest. Eurovision, this year, will be hosted in the musical city of Liverpool, on behalf of Ukraine, following their win in 2022. 

Malmö, Sweden

Malmö is one of many Swedish cities picked to host the contest on behalf of the country, because let’s be honest, it’s Sweden, and they have won the second most amount of titles in the contest’s history. Therefore, it’s no surprise that every city would have a chance to be in the spotlight. However, Malmö in particular, is a charming, and picturesque city, in the beautiful Scandinavian nation. Malmö won the challenge to host Eurovision 2013, after the iconic Loreen won the 2012 edition in Baku, Azerbaijan. The contest was held in the Malmö Arena. Aside from the contest itself, Malmö is a beautiful city to explore, with particular notability to the stunning architectural styles, demonstrated by the Öresund Bridge (connecting Sweden to Denmark) and The Turning Torso. If you want to check out some art, visit Malmö Konsthall, one of Europe’s largest collections, but if you just want to relax, don’t fret because the city has several town squares, parks, and common areas, brimming with greenery. Wherever you go, you’ll be sure to find lots to see and do.. and hey, maybe check out Melodifestivalen next year – as during the tour of the country, Malmö is one of the first stops! 

Naples, Italy

Let’s turn the clocks back a few.. decades to the year 1965. Gigliola Cinquetti has won Eurovision in the prior year, and now, Italy has been given the chance to host Eurovision. History aside, Italy has hosted the contest on a few occasions, most recently last year in Turin, after Maneskin’s glorious victory in 2021. However, of all cities, Naples tends to be the one that stands out. Located in the center area of Italy, Naples is overflowing with historical sites – from theaters, to art, to castles, to restaurants and much, much more. Interested in royalty? Visit the Castel Nuovo, Ovo Castle and the Royal Palace of Naples. Interested in museums? Visit Naples National Archaeological, Galleria Umberto I, or the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte. Whatever you do, you’ll feel a significant modern-historic blend as you walk with wonder and excitement in your eyes. If you ever visit Italy, do be sure to visit Naples – you won’t regret it! 

Lisboa, Portugal

A city that I have discussed very frequently on this blog, and one that I have visited and loved greatly – Lisboa holds a place in my heart, and in the hearts of Eurovision fans worldwide. Lisboa was the host city for Portugal in 2018, after the legendary Salvador Sobral’s historic win in 2017, breaking records and scoring over 700 points, an all-time high score. While Lisboa hosted a great ceremony, leading up for Netta’s win, in the ceremony, Lisboa is also a stunning city to explore. With everything from towers, to castle, to music, to food to everything in between, hop on a tuk-tuk on let’s go exploring! Every piece of architecture in the city, from the Belém Tower, Praça do Comércio, and  Padrão dos Descobrimentos has a level of intricate complexity – that is unmatched (which you can see for yourself in the Tile Museum). Lisboa also has it’s share of modern attractions, from the TimeOut Markets, Torre Vasco De Gama, Oceanario de Lisboa, and Pavilion of Knowledge.. Lisboa has almost everything. However, the best part is the connection to other towns and attractions. With a short trip, you can see sights of Sintra, Cascais, and many other central Portuguese cities, and on the highway – you’ll be able to reach the Algarve coast in a short trip! While you’re here, watch the Festival de Canção – you’ll enjoy it greatly. Lisboa is an underrated gem – that needs to be visited more! 

If you choose to watch Eurovision this year, wait for the winner – because you might get the chance to uncover another piece of Europe – a whole new destination waiting with open arms, to hear the sounds that unite Europe each and every year. 

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