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Experiencing New England

Some of the most beautiful nature and cuisine is located in the Northern Part of the USA called New England. 6 states combine to form just over 186,000 km2 of area and nearly 15 million New Englanders. In this article, I will be showing you the beauty of this beautiful and sometimes overlooked region. Each of the states provide a unique experience. Connecticut, with their tasty culinary trails, Rhode Island, with their water activities. Massachusetts, with cities showing America’s colonial history, Maine with beautiful coastlines and lighthouses, Vermont with lush green forests and New Hampshire with charming small towns. New England is perfect for those who enjoy indoor & outdoor activities. 


BOSTON is the largest city and the hub for economy, entertainment & education. It is home to many excellent colleges like Harvard and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. It is a city with many startups, and is a center for biotech, information technology (IT) and innovation. Though Boston is a city of progress, the city never forgot its history. As you walk through the incredibly clean streets, you can see many beautiful old buildings such as the Old State House, the Old Corner Bookstore, or the First Church of Boston. If you enjoy a walk in the park or some light recreation, Boston has lots of sites. Franklin Park is Boston’s largest park, covering over 2.13 km of area. It also includes the Franklin Park Zoo. Other parks are spread throughout the city. If you are a sports fan, have no fear as Boston is one of the few American cities to have teams in all major sports leagues. There are many popular sports arenas, such as the world-famous Fenway Park, or the TD Garden. There are lots of cool events that annually take place in Boston, such as the First Night, Boston Early Music, or the Boston Arts Festival. If you love museums or other educational environments, Boston is your city. Visit places like the Symphony Hall, the MOFA (Museum of Fine Arts), the Boston National Historic Park, The Freedom Trail, the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, the Massachusetts Archives & Commonwealth Museum, the Boston Children’s Museum, The Boston Athenaeum, The Museum of Science, and the New England Aquarium to experience all the immense knowledge Boston has to offer. Boston is also known for their amazing cuisine, combining local and historic dishes, along with dishes from new Bostonian immigrants. Try dishes like the boston cream pie, the clam chowder, and lobster mac n’ cheese at restaurants like the Tasting Counter, Asta, Uni, SRV & O Ya. Boston is a city filled with immense knowledge & opportunity. 

In Connecticut, visit the city of Middletown, home to the music video for the Billy Joel song “The River Of Dreams”. Start with the Wadsworth Falls State Park, where you can walk, hike & bike while viewing some of the best scenery in New England. Next, visit the KidCity Children’s Museum, a perfect spot for families, where you can see many interactive exhibits. If you are into the great outdoors, try out the Empower Leadership Sports & Adventure Center. You can try lots of ziplining, aerial adventures, or tree climbing! Interested in some history? Visit the General Mansfield House, the home of the Middlesex County Historical Society. It was constructed in 1817, and became headquarters in the late 1950’s. A fan of stars? Visit the Van Vleck Observatory, where you can view the night sky from the 24-Inch Perkins Telescope, one of the largest in New England. In the mood for art? Visit ArtFarm, a not-for-profit arts organization that produces not only amazing productions, but also organic farms. Finally, taste the delicious dishes at MONDO (New York Pizza) or Taino Smokehouse, serving amazing dishes. Middletown has a plentiful amount of things to do, for everyone! 

Head north to Maine stopping in Portland, the largest city in the state. Start by visiting the Casco Bay Islands. Soak up the sun while visiting Fort McKinley. Look across the beaches, and you can see beautiful forests, but beware – no cars here! Next, move to the Old Port, the center of Portland – walk along the boardwalk , while visiting some beautiful historical landmarks. In a mood for a drink? Visit the many Portland brewery tours, including the Maine Beer Tours, or the Bike & Brew Tours, where you can sip beer while viewing gorgeous scenery. If you love water, visit the Eastern Promenade & Cape Elizabeth, where you can walk on many of the Portland trails and see some world-famous lighthouses. You can see more of Portland from the Portland Observatory, where you can see as far as 30 miles away. End your stay in Portland, with a visit to some of Maine’s finest restaurants, serving some of the best seafood in the world. Portland shows the beauty of untouched American nature. 

Head east of Maine to the Acadia National Park, one of the largest parks in New England. Climb to the top of the Cadillac Mountain, where you can view some of the best scenery in and around the Atlantic lakes, as well as pine forests. After all, it is the tallest mountain on the US East Coast! Drive through the 43km Park Loop Road, where you can see an up-close view of the coast. Other attractions at the park include: Champlain Mountain, Precipice Trail, Beehive (small mountain), Thunder Hole (A small crevasse into which loud waves crash), Beehive Mountain, Otter Cliff, Seal Harbour, Jordan Pond, Bubble Rock, and Eagle Lake. Skiing, Hiking, and Swimming are popular sports activities. You can also visit the Schoodic Education & Research Center. A truly beautiful national park! 

Moving west to New Hampshire, stop off in Portsmouth. Start by visiting the USS Albacore Museum & Park, where you can view the submarine, once used by the US Navy in 1972. Move on to the Buckminster House, built in 1725. Then visit the Portsmouth Center, where you can visit a gallery, gift shop, walking tours, a theater, and a John Paul Jones Historic Center. Move west to the Music Hall, a 900-seat theater run non-profit and home to many productions. Other fun things to do in Portsmouth include the Pontine Theater, Portsmouth Athenaeum, the Portsmouth Harbour Lighthouse, the Prescott Park, and the Strawberry Banke Museum. There are lots of opportunities for indoor adventure in Portsmouth, something unique for most small towns in the United States. 

Moving even more west to Burlington, Vermont (the largest city). Aside from being the only US city to run completely on renewable energy, Burlington has lots of fun things to do! Start at the Shelburne Museum, located in an actual log settler’s house. It depicts life in 18th century Vermont. There are also other exhibits. Moving to something more natural, visit the Lake Champlain stretching from Vermont & New York all the way into Canada. Take a sunset cruise, relaxing and enjoying the view. Move to Church Street, for the Church Street Marketplace, for large gatherings, restaurants & live music. Fun for everyone! Move to the ECHO Lake Aquarium & Science Center showcasing local species & lots of things to see and do for the little ones. Another educational opportunity is the Robert Hull Fleming Museum of Art, showcasing over 20,000 objects from many different cultures! End your journey at the Waterfront Park where you can run, walk, bike or just soak up the sun! Burlington is a paradise for everyone! 

Move south to Newport, where mansions and sailing collide. Start by viewing mansions, some of the finest in New England, known for their features near water. Explore the Cliff Walk, where you can stroll by the clear blue waters of the Atlantic. Move to Fort Adams, where you can explore historical buildings and cool yachts! Move to Newport’s beaches where you can lie in the same spots that in the past presidents used to lay on! Attend a music festival. Newport has amazing live music, especially at folk festivals. Head on over to the International Tennis Hall Of Fame, where you can take a tour of tennis’ best stories! End your journey here with tours to wineries & breweries, and local eateries always serving up fresh cuisine! New England’s hidden gem! 

End your trip of New England at Martha’s Vineyard, a majestic island located off the coast of Massachusetts. This is a destination for those who may want to relax, or go on an adventure! Start by visiting world-class beaches, where you can relax & soak up the sun. Take a ferry around the island to see some beautiful scenery. Visit the island of Chappaquiddick, for amazing scenery. If you are in a mood for wine, take one of the many famous tours of Martha’s Vineyard (After all, it wasn’t called Martha’s Vineyard for nothing!). Other famous attractions include the Grand Illumination, Martha’s Vineyard Film Center, Katama Farm, and the Flying Horses Carousel, the oldest operating platform in the USA. There is so much to do on such a small island! 

There are some awesome destinations in the New England Region. Travelling to this area is an amazing experience full of awesome scenery, nightlife and history!

Enjoy your journey!


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