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Welcome to Grenada. One of the most beautiful islands in the world with some of the most clean and pristine beaches, charming small towns and friendly, hospitable people! With lots to see & do, from parks to chocolate tours, Grenada is a country with a lot to explore, and most importantly enjoy!! 


Let’s start at Grenada’s capital & largest city, St. George’s, a charming city that is unlike any other Caribbean capital! When you walk through the streets, smell the delicious cuisine filled with spices, taste the delicious chocolate and local produce, see the old forts & ports of this historic city, and soak up the sun in one of the many beautiful beaches. Here are some of the most coveted St. George’s attractions:


  • Underwater Sculpture Park 
What to Know About Grenada's Underwater Sculpture Park | TravelAge ...

Built by the British sculptor, Jason de Caires Taylor. This collection of over 85 sculptures tell a unique – underwater story! It is located in the sunny Moliniere Bay, where snorkelers and divers can see a beautiful mix of art (the sculpture) and the natural landscape (fish & coral) collide, providing a sense of unity – in the sea! This is a park for those who want to go on an adventure or just enjoy beautiful scenery – a museum under the sea! 


  • Fort Frederick         
Fort Frederick | St. George's | Grenada Blog

A historic site- Fort Frederick is a symbol of Grenada’s colonial past. Surprisingly, although the French built this fort, it was the British who used it for protection! The fort also has a more recent history as it was bombed by the USA in 1983. Though it was a source for the American intervention, this world-class historic view is a source of knowledge for everyone. You can also access some cool tunnels, but just make sure to bring a flashlight – as it’s dark in there! For the best view, visit Fort Frederick during the sunset, where you may be able to experience some of the best views of the island of Grenada.  


  • Fort Matthew
Fort Matthew - Pure Grenada

Another beautiful fort, Fort Matthew is a tribute to Grenada’s history. While the beautiful forest is enveloping over the fort, this large (the largest one on the island) was a military protection fort, used to help soldiers during the many conflicts that took place here since the late 1700’s. It stood as a military zone not only for Grenada, but also for all of the Eastern Caribbean. Today, it is available for tourists to visit, so you can unravel the history and stories of Grenada, many years ago. 


  • St. George’s Marketplace

Market Square (St. George's) - All You Need to Know BEFORE You Go ...

St. George’s Marketplace is an amazing day trip. St. George’s is home to many amazing selections of produce and spices like carambola, sweet potatoes, guava, carambola, star apples and more known items like nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, callaloo, breadfruit, and soursop. It is a truly unique experience as you can see people pushing past boxes of fruit, while people roam the uneven streets. Visit on a Saturday morning and bring either the Eastern Caribbean Dollar or some currencies like the US, Australian & Canadian Dollars, rupees, pounds, euros, or pesos (although you may not be able to purchase as many items here). 


  • Carnival of St. George’s 

Carnival Monday in Grenada in 2020 | Office Holidays


You may be thinking… Carnival.. In Grenada? Yes, that’s right! St.George’s have a fun colourful and of course musical carnival! Listen to the beautiful music, see the colourful costumes of the performers on the amazingly decorated floats. It is a wonderful experience for those visiting Grenada during February. 


  • St. George’s Anglican Church    

St George's Anglican Church | | Alluring World

The oldest church in Grenada has a special story. Built way back in the late 1600’s      by the French, it was originally a Roman Catholic church, but was later changed into an Anglican Church. Today, you can view the beautiful architecture, which was somewhat destroyed but there are some memorials and stained glass frames that you can see today. 


  • Carenage 

Overview of The Carenage, St. Georges, Grenada W.I - Life is Suite

Imagine a beautiful waterfront lined with shops, restaurants, live music, and galleries. Now picture that with a rainbow painted over it! St.George’s Carenage is a truly magical place where you can shop, dine, drink, and dance till sunrise! Visit the harbour, where you may spot a ship or lots of boats. Taste local cuisine at restaurants like Sails or BB’s Crabback where you can sample local cuisine and drink. Shop at stores like the local stores selling handmade gifts & souvenirs or shopping malls with more clothing stores! 


  • Grenada National Museum 

Grenada National Museum

This astounding museum displays artifacts from many different cultures including the Ameridians, Arawaks, Caribs, and even artifacts from the youth of Josephine Bonaparte (from France). This museum is perfect for those who want an indoor attraction or just want to learn more about or experience Grenada’s culture. 


  • National Cricket Stadium

National Cricket Stadium (Grenada) - Wikipedia

This is one massive stadium.. So big that it can fit about ⅕ of the country’s total population.. WOW right? This fantastic sports arena was built in the late 1800’s where you can view matches from both world cups and local matches. This stadium was reconstructed several times due to hurricanes that unfortunately damaged the stadium. 


  •  Grand Anse Beach

Grand Anse Beach rated best in the world by Condé Nast Traveller ...

This 3km beach is home to many luxurious and posh hotels, shops, and restaurants where travellers can relax while enjoying the sunshine. There are over 30 hotels located near the beach (a really high concentration), lots of restaurants serving local & international cuisines, and shops with lots of clothes, gifts & souvenirs to bring back home, and this may seem like the Disneyland of Grenada, there are more than 40 other beaches, so challenge yourself to visit them all! 


  • Grenada’s Food Tours 

You may know that Grenada is a major producer of spice (as per its name), but did you know that Grenada is also a major chocolate producer? That’s right. You can experience chocolate tours & spice tours across St. George’s. Here are a few recommended ones. *Note: Some of these also include other activities as per the tour operator* 


  • Tri-Island Chocolate Factory Cafe (St.George’s) 

Tri-Island Chocolate opens Chocolate Factory | The New Today

This is an amazing chocolate experience for everyone. This cafe teaches you about ethical chocolate making, showing the process of making chocolate the right way. Watch demonstrations, and make sure to try the delicious chocolate or bring some home as a gift. 


  • Belmont Estate (St. Patrick’s)

Belmont Estate Tour Grenada

This estate is a different type of tour, as it is in the form of a historic house. Here you can learn about subjects like cocoa production, chocolate making, as well as spice tours. You can sample or buy these delicious confections, explore the activities like the gardens, museums, craft demonstrations, and plantation tours as well as dine in the restaurant in the estate, where you can sample local delicacies. 


  • Clarke’s Court Rum Distillery (St.George’s)

Clarke's Court Rum - Tradition. History. Perfection. #1 rum

Learn about rum production, see the distillery, and of course taste the delicious Grenadian rum, some of the most delicious in the Caribbean. 


  •  Etang National Park

Grand Etang National ParkGrand Etang National Park & Forest Reserve Reviews | U.S. News Travel

While not technically St.George’s it has a very close proximity to the capital. This is a beauty, and is often overlooked because of other Grenadian attractions, but seriously this is something you need to check out! There are many landscapes to experience in this park, from rainforests to lakes. Swim in the Seven Sisters Waterfalls, including the St. Margaret’s Waterfalls and the Annandale Waterfall. If you don’t love water, visit the rainforest, where you can spot the local Mona Monkeys. A lot of people are not aware of Grenada’s central location because a lot of photos of Grenada are of sunny beaches, but there are lots of hidden gems here- like the Etang National Park. End your visit here with the Etang Lake, after which the park is named after. See the species in the lake and feed the cute little fish! An unexpected but glorious side to Grenada. 


Carriacou Tyrrel Bay in Carriacou, Grenada - harbor Reviews - Phone Number ...

End your trip to Grenada by visiting the tiny, but fun island of Carriacou. There is not a lot of city life, but island life here is extraordinary. There are not many cruises or large holiday resorts but lots of historic charm with friendly residents. Carriacou has one major city – Hillsborough, which is home to many beautiful historic centers. If you love diving, rum, and chocolate this is the island for you! Start in Hillsborough, the largest settlement with just over 1,000 people! See many historic landscapes like the Carriacou Museum, where you see many cultural landscapes. However, Carriacou has a little bit more of the natural side of things. Visit beautiful places like the Paradise Beach, Portici Beach, Tyrrel Bay Beach, Oyster Bed Mangrove, Anse La Roche, and Sandy Island, where you can experience gorgeous nature and of course – sunshine! Don’t forget the wonderful culture here – see festivals like the Saracca or taste local cuisine – not in restaurants but in smaller local establishments. A quiet, but truly beautiful wonder of Grenada. You can also visit the smaller Petite Martinique, the baby angel of Grenada’s islands. 


Grenada is a wonderful travel destination in the Caribbean, offering an experience unlike any other. See, shop, dine, try, explore, visit, or simply relax on this beautiful island with beauty everywhere you look. 


Enjoy your Journey!






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