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The US States Ranked By Their Entertainment

The United “States” have a lot to see & do. From theatres to casinos to mountains to deserts, the US of A is fun for all! In this article, we explore the states from most to least fun. 


5 Must-See Travel Destinations in West Virginia |

West Virginia may be dead last on this list, but the Mountain State is home to some beautiful nature that can only be found here as well as many lodges where if you love it, eternal silence. 

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN WEST VIRGINIA: Make sure to explore the New River Grove a national river and the many rock climbing and hiking activities there. West Virginia is also surrounded by the Appalachain mountains, so there are plenty of beautiful views while you drive through the state. 


Indiana Finally Makes It Legal to Sell Alcohol on Sunday

Indiana is home to not a lot of nature, but Indiana does have a lot of attractions in urban center such as Indianapolis. 

WHAT YOU SHOULD DO IN INDIANA:  Ever seen an Indianapolis 500 race on TV? Well, you can actually experience one in Indiana at Indianapolis Motor Speedway, the largest auto racetrack.  You can also visit many fun attractions like the Indiana Dunes National Park, Indianapolis Zoo, Holiday World, or Newfields, which can all make for a fun day trip with the family!


Kentucky: Images of the Bluegrass State - The Atlantic

Kentucky is a state surrounded by the Appalachain mountains, so there is a lot of outdoor activities and scenery to enjoy. 

WHAT TO DO IN KENTUCKY: One thing you must do in Kentucky is visit the Mammoth Caves, a unique day trip experience. Similar to West Virginia, there is also a beautiful Red River Gorge awaiting for your exploration. 

47. UTAH

Welcome to Utah Poster Under Blue Daytime Sky

Utah is a state filled with awesome canyons, kind-hearted people and unique climates that can’t be found anywhere else on the planet! I mean there’s a place in Utah where you can’t sweat! 

WHAT TO DO IN UTAH: One thing you must do in Utah is visit the national parks, such as the Zion or the Bryce Canyon. There is amazing canyons with wonderful views. There is a perfect opportunity for photos, as the scenery makes for a unique shot!


Map: 15 major Delaware River waterfront projects - Curbed Philly

Delaware is a beautiful Atlantic coast state filled with amazing ports, rich history and perfect weekend outings! 

WHAT TO DO IN DELAWARE: One thing you must do in Delaware is visit the Delaware Seshore State Park, giving you a blend of colonial history mixed with the nature and cool ocean breeze in the Atlantic. You should also see Funland, an amazing boardwalk, fun for the whole family!


Green Trees Near Body of Water Under Blue Sky

Mississippi is a state with a long name, but there is so much more, there is sweet views of the South Atlantic, and fun experiences through the central parts of the state.  

WHAT TO DO IN MISSISSIPPI: Visit the Gulf Islands National Seashore, a beautiful island on the South Atlantic region in the state, relax and breathe in the fresh ocean air.


White Flowers on Green Grass Field

Connecticut is a state filled with rich colonial history as it was a founding state in the 13 colonies. There is also beautiful nature surrounding the North Atlantic.

WHAT TO DO IN CONNECTICUT: One thing you must do in Connecticut is to visit the Mystic Seaport Museum, where you can see recreated scenes from Connecticut’s history. Also check out the Gillette Castle State Oark, with a mix of history and nature. 


Green Grass Field

A lot of people think Nebraska is just filled with corn and boring-ness, but that’s incorrect. Omaha and Lincoln have grown into wonderful culture metropolises and the nature is certainly more than flat fields!

WHAT TO DO IN NEBRASKA: One thing you must do in Nebraska is the Scotts Bluff National Park, a park filled with amazing history and nature, and to note it is a very BIG! Also visit Carhenge, a sculpture replicating Stonhenge with you guessed it – cars! 


17 Most Beautiful Places to Visit in Virginia - The Crazy Tourist

Virginia is a historic state which played a big part within the civil war, and even today history is a big part of Virginia’s culture. Virginia, being an Appalachain state has colourful trees and wonderful mountains. 

WHAT TO DO IN VIRGINIA: Visit Shenandoah National Park for some amazing colour changing trees unique skylines and massive mountains. While in Virginia check out George Washington’s Mount Vernon, the first president’s home. 


Football Players Wearing Jersey Outfits on Field

Alabama is not only another South Atlantic state, but also one with lots of astrological history and pride for their state! 

WHAT TO DO IN ALABAMA: Visit the U.S Space & Rocket Center, a high-tech space facility, where you can learn about the wonders of space! Or catch a game of college football, a state tradition!

40. OHIO

Ohio in Pictures: 17 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

Ohio is a state with lots of farms, sure but also lots of culture and entertainment and beaches on Lake Michigan. The Three C Cities, Columbus, Cincinnati, and Cleaveland have lots to see & explore!

WHAT TO DO IN OHIO: One thing you must do in Ohio is visit the Cedar Point, one of the most famous (and largest) amusement park. Also check out Cuyahoga Valley National Park, with fun hiking trails and inspiring waterfalls!


Arkansas in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

With the Ozarks to the north, and the fields and fun to the central and south, Arkansas is a truly wholesome state with lots to enjoy. 

WHAT TO DO IN ARKANSAS: One thing you must do in Arkansas is the Hot Springs National Park, with bathhouses and hot springs to help you relax! Also visit the Buffalo National River for fishing and kayaking! 


Kansas in Pictures: 13 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

Kansas may be the center of the USA, but the culture and activities are plenty, in cities like Wichita, Topeka, Overland Park and of course Kansas City (shared with Missouri) where the opportunities are endless. 

WHAT TO DO IN KANSAS: One thing you must do in Kansas is the Monument Rocks National Natural Landmark, for views of amazing rock formations. Also check out Botanica, the Wichita Gardens. This cute garden with amazing beautiful scenery and with a butterfly house!



North Dakota in Pictures: 12 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

North Dakota is a state in the betweens of the Wetsern and Midwestern states, meaning the nature is in the middle! There is also some weird but cool things to see along the way!

WHAT TO DO IN NORTH DAKOTA: One thing you must see in North Dakota, is the Theodore Roosevelt National Park, with beautiful cliffs, green valleys and more! Also visit the Fort Abraham Lincoln and the Enchanted Highway for some unique design! 


Montana in Pictures: 15 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

 Montana is a state with gorgeous mountains and the cities feel like a Western movie! 

WHAT TO DO IN MONTANA: One thing you must see in Montana is the Glacier National Park, with stunning high summits and gorgeous hills and lakes. Also visit the Going to the Sun Road, a scenic road with beautiful sky views! 


Drone Laws in Maryland (2020) - UAV Coach

Maryland might have one of the best American coastlines… with amazing views of the ocean and fresh seafood along with American history.. What’s not to love about Maryland?

WHAT TO DO IN MARYLAND: One thing you must see in Maryland is the National Aquarium, one of the best aquariums in the USA. Also visit the Fort McHenry National Monument, a very popular historical building near the capital. 


New Jersey: Images of the Garden State - The Atlantic

New Jersey is famous for Jersey Shore.. the unique accent.. but there’s lots more to this Atlantic state. This is a friendly, fun and inspiring state to visit! 

WHAT TO DO IN NEW JERSEY: One thing you must see in New Jersey is the Six Flags Park, a giant amusement park (one of the 20 largest in the continent). Also be sure to visit the Liberty State Park and the George Washington Bridge, which connect New Jersey to Manhattan. 

33. IOWA

Solar advocates suspect Iowa utility is behind group critical of net metering | Energy News Network

Iowa is definitely underrated. Not only is Iowa the “center” of the presidential caucuses.. but also is a fun state with extremely genuine people!

WHAT TO DO IN IOWA: One thing you must see in Iowa is Maquoketa Caves State Park, a mystical park with recreational spaces. Also visit the Adventureland Park, for some family fun! 


Vermont | American Heart Association

Vermont may be one of the quietest states in the country, but Vermont is so peaceful and beautiful in all the nature that surrounds you. The small towns are some of the best you’ll see in the world! 

WHAT TO DO IN VERMONT: One thing you must see in Vermont is the many mountains; including Mount Mansfield, Stowe Mountain or Jay Peak for stunning views and fresh air! Also visit the Church Street Marketplace, a cute market with lots of local shops and entertainment! 


Wisconsin: Images of the Badger State - The Atlantic

Wisconsin is a state of trees, cheese, beer, friendless, and so much more! Wisconsin’s beaches, parks, and more attractions will make you feel calm and inspired, as will the kindness of the communities.

WHAT TO DO IN WISCONSIN: One thing you must see in Wisconsin is the Devil’s Lake State Park, a crystal clear lake with sandy beaches and campgrounds also visit the Miluwakee Art Museum, a magnificent museum filled with some unique pieces. 


Oklahoma City Bucket List: 23 Best Things To See & Do | America From The Road

Oklahoma is a state with tornadoes sure… but there is an amazing mix of midwestern and south charms as well as beautiful nature, delicious food,  and lots to see and do, Oklahoma is awesome! 

WHAT TO DO IN OKLAHOMA: One thing you must see in Oklahoma is the Chickasaw National Recreation Area, a beautiful area with water sports and trails. Also visit the Bok Center in Tulsa, a new center for arts, with amazing design. 


Idaho: Images of the Gem State - The Atlantic

Idaho has amazing nature. That is definitely the best part to the state.. often confused with Iowa.. Illinois.. Indiana.. this state has so much nature including rock formations to waterfalls to trails to mountains.

WHAT TO DO IN IDAHO:  One thing you must see in Idaho is the Craters of the Moon National Monument, a dormant volcano rock formation, which is truly phenomenal and shows us the wonders of nature. Also visit the Shoshone Falls Park to hike, boat or enjoy the scenery!


Missouri - HISTORY

Missouri is known for the giant arch, delicious BBQ, the Ozarks, and the numerous cultural activities in the city! Missouri is fun for everyone! 

WHAT TO DO IN MISSOURI: One thing you must see in Missouri is the Ozarks. The Ozarks are amazing, and one of the most beautiful attractions in the country. Also visit the Gateway Arch National Park, where you can spot the most notable arch in the USA! Be sure to visit Branson as well, a city known for its old-school vibes and arts. 


Colleges in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is the safest and most peaceful part of the USA. The residents are kind and genuine, and the nature is wonderful. New Hampshire is perfect for a cabin vacation, or just one where you want to relax and get away from the big cities.

WHAT TO DO IN NEW HAMPSHIRE: One thing you must see in New Hampshire is the famous Mount Washington, a famous and gourgeous mountain with amazing views. Also visit the Conway Scenic Road, a historic railway with train rides through the state. 


Pennsylvania Issues Guidance for Businesses Concerning COVID-19 Mitigation Efforts - Updated June 25, 2020 | Blogs | Coronavirus Resource Center:Back to Business | Foley & Lardner LLP

Pennsylvania is a state with amazing history and culture, with many cities showing life many years ago. In fact, there is so much history here that you may not feel like you are living in the 21st-century! 

WHAT TO DO IN PENNSYLVANIA: One thing you must see in Pennsylvania is the Liberty bell, representing the American freedom. Also see Hersheypark, a deliciously good theme park based on the beloved chocolate, and Fallingwater a uniquely designed home built by Frank Lloyd Wright.


Michigan Rankings and Facts | US News Best States

Michigan is the only penninsula state.. meaning that this is a two-part state. In the Lower Penninsula, you can find cities like Ann Arbor, a beautiful small city, whereas on the Upper Penninsula you could find beautiful beaches and untouched nature, with unique traditions! 

WHAT TO DO IN MICHIGAN: One thing you must see in Michigan is the Mackinac Island, connecting the penninsulas together. It is located on Lake Huron, with awe-inspiring views and amazing beaches. Also visit the Pictured Rocks in Lake Superior a wonderful set of rock formations.. and the Isle Royale National Park, for some amazing trails. 


Georgia, USA - Travel Guide and Latest News | TravelPulse

Georgia! The state of Coca-Cola, peaches and so much sunshine! Georgia has so much things to see and do, it’s hard to fit it all in one trip! 

WHAT TO DO IN GEORGIA: One thing you must see in Georgia is the Georgia Aquarium, a colossal aquarium home to over 120,000 species of wildlife! WOW! It is the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere and the 3rd largest in the world! Also visit the Rocky City Gardens, a lookout mountain trail with greenery and waterfalls! Be sure to check out the Coca-Cola and Olympic parks to things that represent Georgia’s brands and pop culture! 


The Wave, Arizona, USA - The Biogeologist

Arizona is home to the sunniest place, possibly the coolest canyon and lots of scorpions.. creepy right? Nah. Arizona is super laid back and fun to check out!

WHAT TO DO IN ARIZONA: One thing you must see in Arizona is the canyons. Both the Grand and Antelope Canyons are spectacular and are photo-worthy! Also visit the Saguaro Park, home to rare cacti and ancient petroglyphs. 


Nanotechnology in North Carolina, USA: Market Report

North Carolina is a state with many different things, from notable urban cities like Raleigh and Charlotte, Appalachain regions and Atlantic beaches!

WHAT TO DO IN NORTH CAROLINA: One thing you must see in North Carolina is the Biltmore, a famous mansion, home unique historic artifacts and stunning gardens. Also visit the Grandfather Mountain for a swinging adventure or just simply to hike among the beautiful scenery. 


Ultimate Travel Guide: Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – Hunter and Bligh

Sure, it’s super cold.. but it’s also super fun and super friendly. Minnesota’s Twin Cities provide lots to see & do, while the rest of Minnesota is naturally stunning. 

WHAT TO DO IN MINNESOTA : One thing you must see in Minnesota is the mall of America, the LARGEST mall in the country, with so much to see and do such as hundreds of  shops and theme parks! Also visit the Minnehana Falls, a gorgeous fall in this green park, perfect for biking!


Massachusetts, USA | Cityscape wallpaper, Boston wallpaper, All hd wallpaper

Massachussetts is the most historic state in the USA, with so much of America’s colonial history taking place in the cultural city of Boston. There is so much unique culture, with amazing schools, sports teams and food located here! 

WHAT TO DO IN MASSACHUSETTS: One thing you must see in Massachussetts is the Freedom Trail, one of the most famous routes with many historic sites along your way! Perfect for a day trip! Also visit Fenway park, home to the Boston Red Sox, the most notable baseball team in the MLB. (except maybe the NY Yankees, but I digress)


10 Things to Know About Tennessee | Best States | US News

Ahh Tennessee, the home of musical stylings like country and blues! Also delicious BBQ, and museums, and live entertainment and umm.. well I might stay here forever! 

WHAT TO DO IN TENNESSEE: One thing you must see in Tennessee is Dollywood and Graceland, two iconic music attractions for two world famous singers.. Elvis and Dolly Parton! Also visit Beale Street, where you can wander around surrounded by restaurants, bars, nightclubs, museums and conccert halls! 


Alaska Democratic Party

While not many live in Alaska, the beauty of this state is more than enough to convince me to visit! 

WHAT TO DO IN ALASKA: One thing you must see in Alaska is the Denali National Park! This amazing park is home to mountains, (such as Mount McKinley), grizzley bears, taiga forest, hills, snow, glaciers and more! This park is the thing that will truly connect you with nature, as there are not many people nearby so you are completely at peace. Also visit the Glacier Bay and the Inside Passage, two underrated national wonders! 


30 Years Ago, Mill Workers Fled South Carolina in Droves. Now, Its Startup Scene Is Making a Remarkable Transformation |

South Carolina.. with the beautiful beaches.. palm trees and sweet tea! South carolina is also historic, with it being part of the original 13 colonies. Charleston is an amazing city, and there are so many cool beach spots! 

WHAT TO DO IN SOUTH CAROLINA: One thing you must see in South Carolina is Magnolia Plantation, a historic plantation with many tours and a zoo! Also visit the Joe Riley Waterfront Park, a famous state park with walkways and fountains! 


10 Things You Must Know About Retiring to Florida | Kiplinger

Ah Florida.. home to arguably the best East Coast beaches… theme parks.. resorts..and more! 

WHAT TO DO IN FLORIDA: One thing you must see in Florida is Disney World! this class theme park created in Orlando in the 1970’s is the HAPPIEST place in the world. With four parks, and hundreds of activities to see and do, this is one of the most notable and the LARGEST theme park in the world! Also visit Universal Theme Park for different types of rides! Be sure to visit the Everglades! An aesthetic park with gators and trails! 



Maine Travel Guide

Maine! The tip of the Atlantic American coasts! This lighthouse filled state is filled with lots of beaches, parks, and delicious lobster! 

WHAT TO DO IN MAINE: One thing you must see in Maine is Acadia National Park, home to Mount Cadillac, Bar Harbor and lots of coast roads… Also visit the Portland Head Light, a museum and famous lighthouse built way back in the late 1700’s. 


21 Weird Things You Never Knew About Texas Gallery

Good ole’ texas! This massive state both by area and population is awesome to visit! With amazing big cities like Austin, Houston and Dallas to cool central deserts, there is so much to do in Texas! 

WHAT TO DO IN TEXAS: One thing you must see in Texas is the Alamo. This old-timey museum and fort is a notable Texas icon! Also visit the San Antonio River Walk, a trip that will leave you happy as you walk along the river! You can see bright lights, restaurants, entertainment, shops and more! Be sure to check out the Big Bend National Park to see a mix of mountains and canyons! 


Company Gives Wyoming 'F' for Social Distancing | Cowboy State Daily

Wyoming is a state with not many people, but with so much law-bending nature, and of course dude ranches! 

WHAT TO DO IN WYOMING: One thing you must see in Wyoming is Yellowstone National Park! Yellowstone is probably the most unquely beautiful attraction in the world, with amazing attractions such as Grand Prismatic Springs, which looks like something out of a fantasy movie! Also visit Grand Teton and Jackson Hole, for more amazing natural wonders!


Best for Rhode Island – Take The Best For RI Challenge

Moving to the small but not boring state of Rhode Island! Rhode Island is home to amazing beaches, yachts, country clubs, and culture! Perfect for a family road trip! 

WHAT TO DO IN RHODE ISLAND: One thing you must see in Rhode Island is the Breakers and the Marble House. These old-style Vanderbilt and Beaux-Arts houses provide a look into colonial America. Be sure to visit the International Tennis Hall of Fame, a historic sports club showing the historic timeline of this amazing sport, and be sure to check out Mohegan Bluffs, where you can stand on top of the world! (Truly, the view of the Atlantic is amazing!) 


The robbing of a wildlife refuge in Nevada | TheHill

Sure Nevada is mainly Las Vegas, but there is so much more to this state, from the museums outside the Strip, to the biggest little city of Reno, to a famous dam (I won’t specify)… Nevada is a state that needs to be recognized more!

WHAT TO DO IN NEVADA: One thing you must see in Nevada is The Las Vegas Strip, the world famous entertainment area in the largest city of Nevada. With hotels like The Venetian, MGM, Bellagio, The Stratosphere, Luxor and Caesars palace each area offers some new casinos, shows and eateries. Also visit the Hoover Dam, a dam connecting the Colorado River since the early 20th century. 


5 Ways We're Protecting the Oregon Coast | TNC

Oregon is truly the most naturally diverse state in the USA, from rainforests to deserts. And don’t forget Portland, the quirky and weird city with lots of hip spots to hang out! 

WHAT TO DO IN OREGON: One thing you must see in Oregon is Crater Lake National Park, surrounde by of course Crater Lake, this park’s views (see above) are breathtaking! Also be sure to visit Portland, home to many famous breweries, as Oregon is known for amazing beer! 


8 Pros and Cons of Living in New Orleans

The city of new france, jazz, the best food in the USA, and lots of fun! New Orleans is many cities, one of fun, food, and history! 

WHAT TO DO IN LOUISIANA: One thing you must see in Louisiana is the French Quarter, home to world-class restaurants, jazz, and parties with state celebrations being hosted here year-round. Also visit Jackson Square, where many artists decorate the square! 


13 Wildly Romantic Getaways In Colorado For Couples | TripAdvisor Vacation Rentals

Colorado is a state full of amazing mountains, ski resorts, coffee culture, gastronomy, and the oh-so many national parks! 

WHAT TO DO IN COLORADO: One thing you must see in Colorado is the many national parks in Colorado such as the Rocky Mountain National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Garden of the Gods, Pikes Peak, Great Sand Dunes, Black Canyon, and the Colorado National Monument for views like you’ve never seen before! 


Mount Rushmore National Memorial | Facts, Location, & History | Britannica

You may be surprised to see South Dakota here on this list, and you may be thinking <South Dakota, what the… I thought this was a giant rural nothing>, and to that you couldn’t be more wrong. South Dakota is an amazing natural wonder, with many different types of nature. The largest city, Sioux Falls, is a charming big town with friendly residents and waterfalls everywhere! 

WHAT TO DO IN SOUTH DAKOTA: One thing you must see in South Dakota is Mount Rushmore, this phenomenal monument describes America’s founding fathers carved into rock! Also be sure to check out the Badlands and Cusher Parks, amazing rock formations in patterns you’ve never seen before! The World’s Only Corn Palace is also a fun attraction, with Moorish style architecture decorating the palace. 


Hotel in Times Square NYC | New York Marriott Marquis

The Big Apple.. What can I say.. There’s so much to do.. I could’ve placed New York on the top if only most of the tourism was centered around New York City. But what’s not to love about New York, from art to cuisine to shopping to sports, you’ll find it in New York. 

WHAT TO DO IN NEW YORK: One thing you must see in New York has got to be Central Park, with many amenities such a zoo or ballfields located within the park! It is massive. Other things to see in New York include the Statue of Liberty, the most iconic statue in America, the Empire Statue Building  which has over 100 storeys and an observation deck, Times Square, essentially the center of New York with bright lights, billboards, and Broadway, Brooklyn Bridge, a famous bridge built in the late 1800’s, and Niagara Falls, the most beautiful waterfall in the US (although its shared with Canada). 


Illinois Pictures and Facts

Illinois, similar to New York has most of its tourism based in the 3rd largest city in the country, Chicago. It’s not a bad things, as it is a hub for culture, art, and Deep Dish Pizza! I would’ve just liked other parts of Illinois to have this much popularity. 

WHAT TO DO IN ILLINOIS: One thing you must see in Illinois is the  Millenium Park, a green space in the center of the city, featuring art galleries, theatres, ice rinks and the spectacular “Cloud Gate” which is a mega sized bean structured that reflects. It’s enchanting! Other major attractions in the state include Willis Tower, the highest elevation point with the country’s largest observation deck, the Navy Pier, a super fun waterfront market with entertainment, rides, food and shopping! 


Why 2019 Is the Year to Visit Hawaii

Hawai’i, a state of culture, hospitality, and the gorgeous nature!! Unlike any other state, Hawai’i is in the South Pacific, meanin the climate is completely different, and so is the nature. Hawaiian culture is also phenomenal including delicious food such as shave ice and salmon, culture like the leis and luaus, the language (Aloha!) and the kindness of the people!

WHAT TO DO IN HAWAI’I: One thing you must see in Hawai’i is the volcanoes, on the Big Island, you can see the Mauna Kea, the actual largest volcano (some of its underwater though)  as well as other volcanoes such as the Mauna Loa and Kīlauea. Other cool places to visit include Haleakalā National Park where you can see more volcanoes and the pool of Oheo. Diamond Head is an amazing wonder, it’s an iconic landmark in Oa’hu from a dormant volcano.  




Washington state home to 2 things: big corporations like Microsoft, Amazon and Costco as well as a LOT of nature. Like I mean a crazy amount! 

WHAT TO DO IN WASHINGTON: One thing you must see in Washington is the Olympic National Park, home to the amazing Mt.Olympus, this national park really feels like the most peaceful place on the planet. Other cool places to see in Washington include Mt. Rainier, which looks like something out of an animated movie! North Cascades National Park, which include glaciers and Ross Lake, a crystal clear lake. Visit Seattle and look up, you can see the Space Needle, where you can see all of Seattle. Possibly one of the best samples of architecture is the Museum of Pop Culture. This museum is filled with unique sculptures and exhibits showcasing the wonders of pop culture in 20th and 21st century times. 


California Travel Guide | CNN Travel

California is the largest state in the country with amazing coastlines (the best in the country), amazing entertainment (after all there is a Hollywood here), amazing nature (there is lots of geographic region from mountains and snow to scorching desert) and delicious cuisine (with the diversity of culture, there is delicious cuisine!) California is a beautiful geographic and entertainment destination, but not quite the best in the west! 

WHAT TO DO IN CALIFORNIA: One thing you must see in California is the Yosemite National Park, located in western Sierra Nevada, with over 700,000 acres of land and 95% located in designated wilderness. Other notable attractions (there are many) include the Golden Gate Bridge (Located in San Fransisco, this great bridge coloured bright red is a notable landmark for not only California, but the entire country), Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood  (two giants in the film industry ), Joshua Tree Park (with some of the coolest trees and rocks in the world), Alcatraz Island (one of the most famous prisons known for hosting many famous criminals), the San Diego Zoo (the largest in the country), and Sequoia National Park (known for the tallest trees in the world, the redwoods) 


New Mexico in Pictures: 14 Beautiful Places to Photograph | PlanetWare

And we have arrived at #1: New Mexico.

New Mexico is phenomenal, as per its name, the Land of Enchantment. The Puebloan culture has created amazing adobe buildings and shaped the culture of the most unique state. While many states have notable buildings, New Mexico has more culture than any other state (except maybe Hawai’i) but unlike Hawai’i New Mexico isn’t overcrowded and the scenery is peaceful with a very low population overcrowding the streets in somewhere like New York and Chicago. Also, please don’t think of New Mexico as a Breaking Bad apocalypse, it is nothing like that! Although, the show

WHAT TO DO IN NEW MEXICO: One thing you must see in New Mexico is the Chaco Culture National Historical Site (a beautiful canyon with ancient Puebloan ruins), so unlike states like Arizona/Nevada with canyons, these canyons also contains ruins to one of North America’s oldest civilizations! Other amazing sites include White Sands National Park (Home to rare white gypsum sand dunes), the Carlsbad Caverns (home to stunning caves, and the infamous Rattlesnake Springs). If you want to see New mexico and bordering states you can visit either the Four Corners Monument connecting Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico, this unique site is the only four-state border in the country and marks the boundary between the Navajo Nation and the Ute Tribe Reservation. If you aren’t that much of a nature lover, visit the oh-so-many cultural sites such as the Georgia O’ Keefee Museum showcasing the life of Georgia O’ Keefee and over 3000 different pieces of art! The Aztec Ruins National Monument showcases the same as the Chaco Cultural Site.. however it is an archeological site. The Rio Grande Gorge Bridge helps you view the crystal clear lake to the south and canyons to the west. If you’re into the creepy visit the International UFO Museum in Roswell for some creepy alien conspirancies. To end your visit take a tour of the unique adobe houses. These houses are made of sand, clay and silt and can be found in another famous destination – the Great Mosque of Djenne in Mali. Then, visit the amazing theatres and concert halls in Albuquerque, which provide amazing opportunities for art. 


That was the 50 states ranked by entertainment! Did you enjoy this? What would you change? have you been to any of these states? Comment below.


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