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Welcome To MapHelps!

Are you interested in planning your dream vacation but are stuck on some key issues? Looking for some destinations to suit your family getaway or a couples romantic honeymoon? Well, MapHelps a new initiative brought to you by Map The Traveller will be sure to help answer all of these questions and more! 

In accordance with the values of Map The Traveller, inspiring people to travel is the top priority! Travel should be a fun, immersive and rewarding experience and one that should be filled with memories, not stress. 

So, how can you access this new program? Well, it’s quite simple! Firstly, check out the blog! You may find a destination that inspires you, and you may want to learn more! Secondly, email us! You can either use the contact form under the Contact Us section, or you can email us using the email ! You should receive an email back within a few hours, and from there it’s all about you! Tell us your story, your dreams and we will work to help that dream come true! 

What exactly can we help with, however? Well, with MapHelps you have the opportunity to get expert advice on essentials, advice around travel. Are you interested in unique locations for travel? We will be able to find some destinations that may not be as heard of but we are sure you’ll love! However, we can also provide information about all your favourite travel landmarks! Finally, if you have any other questions, send them over! We will do our best to help out! 

We will be opening VERY soon, and will be open weekly (except Sundays) from 10 AM – 4:30 PM EST! 

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