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Top 10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

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Travelling is a surreal experience and something I’m sure is on most peoples bucket lists! No matter where we go, we can learn and understand different cultures and language!  Here are ten reasons why you should travel! 

1. New Experiences

Is a travel experience made by the place or the person? six-two by Contiki

Exploring the world often provides us with unique, exciting experiences we never thought we would see! From cultural to natural, we can find something new to explore that we never want to leave! 

2. New Food and Drink

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Exploring the world allows us to try unique cuisine and experience unique and tasty flavours from around the world! 

3. New Perspectives

9 Reasons Why It Is Better To Travel Alone…… | by Checkin Story | Checkin  Story | Medium

Travelling allows us to develop a new perspective and have an unbiased view of where we are travelling. Often the media will perpetuate a place as negative but if we actually travel and experience local tourism and adventures we may think differently! 

4. Learn About Yourself

Is Travelling A Hobby Or An Exciting New Way Of Life? - Two Tall Travellers

By travelling, we not only get to know more about the world and the stories of others, but we get to understand more about ourselves! We can see what our interests are, and we could apply this to our careers and hobbies! 

5. Develop + Learn New Skills

5 proven benefits of learning a new language | Travel + Leisure

When we travel, we can pick up new skills no matter where we go. Whether is climbing trees to navigating through a forest, each experience we gain a new skill we can grow! 

6. New Language + Cultural Opportunity 

Being a Better Traveler: Cultural Appropriation vs Cultural Appreciation ·

Isn’t it cool to learn languages? Not only is this a great educational topic but exploring langauges really helps us connect with different communities around the world and help us build view of our global community.

7. New Challenges

Travel Inspiration | Hilton

Whether it’s zip lining in Costa Rica, or walking up Mount Everest, there is a new challenge for every thing we do, and when we travel we often have to take the risk, but the reward is even better.. (I mean the views are gorgeous when standing at the top of a mountain right?) 

8. Allows Us To Help Others

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Even if we aren’t taking a volunteer trip (which is a great way to help others, especially in rural communities), travelling can help us understand global issues that might not occur where we live and how we can work to solve them. 

9. Awesome Stories To Tell

What more do you need? Modelled and rendered in Blender PostPro in  Photoshop Trees Made in Arbaro | Vw bus, Vw van, Volkswagen

Who doesn’t love reflecting years after an awesome vacation and seeing all the wonderful memories you made? Travelling is an excellent story starter and the more we travel the more fascinating and unique stories we can share! 

10. Experience More Of Our Amazing Planet

Make the Most of India's Lush Tropical Islands! Water Sports You Must Try  Out at Andaman & Nicobar Islands (2020)

Overall, the main benefit of travelling is experience our wonderful planet Earth which is home to adventure no matter where we look! So if you are thinking of travelling do it! There are so many benefits and so many awesome things you will learn on the way! 

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